We’re having Boca Burgers for dinner tonight.  I don’t remember them being too cardboard-y (I tried an experiment in vegetarianism some years ago) but I haven’t eaten one in quite a while.  Ryan loves cheeseburgers more than just about every other food, so I expect these will leave something to be desired, but hopefully they’re serviceable.  My meat-free burger options are surprisingly limited due to my fungus sensitivity (a lot of the “veggie” burgers contain mushrooms in some form, which I can’t eat)—these are soy protein and I’ve been able to handle them in the past, so they should be okay for me to eat.

The last couple of nights we’ve had pasta for dinner.  I’m sort of convinced that the vegetarian aspect of this won’t be incredibly difficult for us; we’re mostly just meat-eaters when we go out, and I rarely prepare meat at home anyway (you’d be amazed at what four years of cooking professionally does to your cooking-at-home mojo).  It’s only been a few days, though, so time will tell.

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3 thoughts on “Dinner

  1. My crunchy peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch was delicious. So, too, was the chocolate candy bar I forgot I left in my desk.

  2. Emily Lazo says:

    Hey, Ryan! This is awesome. I’ve been veg since December 2010 (have you read Eating Animals? There was no going back), and the transition has been so much smoother and satisfying than I ever imagined. Granted, I live Austin (it is rare/appalling to find a restaurant WITHOUT veg options), so that may have contributed to the “smooth” aspect. Nevertheless, I cook so much more now than I did before. Here are some of my favorite easy dishes:

    1. Mac and cheese, supplemented with any sort of veggies – spinach (my favorite), mushrooms, broccoli, tomato
    2. Lentils in anything – lentils are the only beans that do not require soaking, thus they’re so much more convenient! I add them to mac and cheese sometimes, but my favorite combination is lentils, couscous, and sauteed mushrooms.
    3. Spaghetti with Morningstar Veggie Crumbles (sort of a ground beef substitute; very well seasoned), marinara, and whatever veggies (mushrooms, spinach, etc).
    4. Red or yellow Thai curry – I dry fry some tofu (a method I recommend for tofu in just about any dish), then cook it in a pot of coconut milk, curry paste, potatoes, and onions. Served over rice, of course.

    I hope you guys enjoy your foray into vegetarianism despite potential obstacles of the Midwest. I was recently in Lexington, VA and had a rough go of it even there. It’s not always that vegetarian options can’t be found and/or created, it’s more that I’d like more than a pound of cheese and lots of fried carbs in my meals (although it was pretty satisfying to indulge in at the time). Anyway, good luck, y’all!


    • Hi Emily, thanks for the ideas! I do love yellow curry and probably any vegetarian curry in general…so far the transition to vegetarianism has ONLY been difficult on the dining-out front (although Lawrence is better than the average town surely), but Indian food is thankfully still mainly an option. Dining out less is likely more of a blessing than a disadvantage, because we end up saving money and having delicious meals at home. (I am extremely fortunate that Ashley is an awesome and willing chef, as I am willing but decidedly unawesome).

      Thanks again for the well-wishes and the meal ideas. Take care!



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