where have all the vegetarians gone?

This evening, Ashley asked me how many vegetarians I knew.  I have always kind of assumed that I knew many (I’m pretty sure all my friends are liberals), but when I started to think about it, I realized that in my entire circle of friends I only know about four vegetarians.  Ashley’s thinking is the same; only a few of her friends are vegetarians.

Some questions: Why did I assume that more people in my world were vegetarians?  Was vegetarianism once more popular?  Why do I associate vegetarianism with liberalism, and is it false or misleading to do so?  Also, is vegetarianism ‘over’?  Did hipsters co-opt vegetarianism and then ruin it (only then to co-opt meatatarianism)?

Don’t worry about that last question, but I think the rest are valid.

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2 thoughts on “where have all the vegetarians gone?

  1. beethousand says:

    I think I just knew a lot of vegetarians and vegans in Norfolk because the city had a higher concentration of them thanks to PETA’s headquarters.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I’ve never known many vegetarians. I know a few “meat-lite” people, but I can only think of two that I know here and at Oklahoma State I knew one. One was raised vegetarian (and stayed because eating meat made her sick), one went vegetarian to lose weight and has since fallen off the wagon a bit, and only one is vegetarian because she feels eating animals is inhumane. All are female.


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