panera bread: a review

So my night classes have begun, and now on Mondays and Wednesdays I must eat dinner on the go in Kansas City.  (Well, a snack on the go on Mondays, dinner on Wednesdays.)  This is where the rubber meets the road for my vegetarianism project, which has been even easier than expected thus far.  Tonight–my first Wednesday night of the semester, wherein I get off work at 3pm then have class from 5:30-6:45 and then 7:00-9:45–I dine at Panera Bread.
I’ll admit that my initial reaction is that there are not many options for a full vegetarian meal.  Granted, I’m used to dining at McDonald’s on nights like these, which is now pretty much out of question (not a fan of their salads, which are overpriced and not that healthy, so I don’t even get the self-esteem boost of Feeling Like An Adult Because I’m Eating A Salad For A Meal [note: I am childish in this regard]).  I’m also eating dinner at a meal time usually reserved for octogenarians at Denny’s, a fact which plays into my decision a bit as well; I need to get some sort of snack for later, probably in between classes, since I won’t be getting home until a little before 11:00pm.  This is where Panera Bread comes in.
Pros: fairly full-sized meal of a caesar salad and broccoli cheddar soup, with some potato chips on the side and a large soda.  Also, I love their soup, and the salad is pretty good as well.  I also like the free wifi (hence this update) and the ability to eat by myself and feel isolated (something that I value and, for me anyway, I feel I couldn’t get at say Olive Garden).  Apparently there’s a deal, too, for a bakery item for 99 cents extra if you get the You-Pick-Two Deal, which brings me to the…
Cons: I just spent four thousand dollars on dinner.  Okay, I’m rounding up from $10.69, but still, Christ, I can’t really justify dropping ten bucks a week on THIS dinner.  If it cost 5 bucks, it would feel like an awesome soup and salad, but at ten, it feels like a paltry appetizer.  I am cheap, and my cheapness is inextricable from my appetite.
So that’s that.  I’ll probably be back here, but this can’t be my regular pre-class hangout.  And for that, I won’t say I miss meatatarianism exactly, but I do miss the ease of a McDonald’s and their free wifi (and okay their double quarter pounders).
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3 thoughts on “panera bread: a review

  1. mickeycro says:

    It is hard to go Vegetarian because it cost so much more to get away from the meat products. If you think about it this is how Fast Food corporations are keeping Americans Fat. They offer a quick meal for people with busy life at a cheap cost. The con: is that it is super bad for you! If you are interesting in some Vegetarian recipes let me know, I have a few books that offer some great tasting stuff. The only con is you have to find preparation time and groceries are way over priced today!

  2. Nathan Finck says:

    SO my question, how far will your vegetarian-ism go? Are you going strict vegan, eggs? Milk? I am interested in this! Are you also trying to see if this has an effect on your weight as well? I find vegetarian-ism very interesting.

    • beethousand says:

      Hey Nathan, thanks! We are not going vegan, so we will continue eating dairy. We both enjoy cheese too much and I’d be seriously miserable if I couldn’t eat cheese. I hadn’t thought about what kind of effect this change might have on our weight, but I will definitely keep track of it!


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