the subway falafel sandwich and vegetarian fast-food options

Ryan and I are going to start a series wherein we establish a rating system for fast food establishments based on their vegetarian-friendliness.  This is forthcoming, but today I ran across an article titled “The Subway Falafel Sandwich and the Americanization of Ethnic Food” via Good magazine that I wanted to share here.  The Subway falafel is so far limited to Illinois and northwest Indiana, but I’m sort of excited about the prospect of having increased access to vegetarian staples like falafel.  Full disclosure: I haven’t eaten at a Subway in years because I didn’t like their meat, and their current vegetarian options are limited to sandwiches consisting of bread and lettuce and other vegetables, which just isn’t my thing.  Subway’s version of falafel doesn’t sound perfect, but it’s nice that they’re trying—under the guise of expanding “ethnic” options, I guess, but I imagine that’s necessarily going to mean offering more vegetarian fare, since the types of things Americans classify as “ethnic” food are often less meat-oriented than traditional American fare.  As it stands, vegetarian options in fast food are incredibly limited, and that needs to change.  If Subway rolls this out nationally, it’s a step in the right direction and a relief to know that when Ryan and I are driving across the country in the future, we may not be limited to salads and Taco Bell for highway food.

Any thoughts on this?  Is the Subway falafel going to be gross?

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One thought on “the subway falafel sandwich and vegetarian fast-food options

  1. Anonymous says:

    I work at Subway. The falafel tastes very similar to Subway’s Veggie Max, which is a veggie patty made by MorningStar Farms. So, if you are used to the way fake meat tastes, the falafel tastes a lot like that, just with a bit different flavoring. If you do eat it, make sure to get some sort of sauce, as it is much too dry without it. But I thought it was good and not gross. With that said, I still prefer the Veggie Max.


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