McDonald’s fries aren’t vegetarian?!

Note the “natural beef flavor.”  But… why?


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3 thoughts on “motherfu&%er

  1. Swim-a-tim-tim says:

    I should have told you! I thought that it was common knowledge by now, but I guess not. The truth came out during my 3rd year of being vegetarian and it was a huge deal, since vegetarians had been eating their french-fries for years. There were even a few campaigns to have McD’s make them vegetarian, but they all failed.

    The defense? McDonald’s fries are considered the best tasting in fast food and the great flavor of the fries is due to the beef flavor. So, they refused to change the recipe to a vegetarian-friendly one.

    I’m sorry I didn’t tell you!

    Also – you remember my bfl Amy? She’s been a vegetarian for years and is familiar with restaurants (both fast food and sit-down) in the KC area, especially Olathe, and of course, Lawrence. She’s not on facebook much these days, but I’ll give her your info and maybe she can help you navigate the world of eating out.

    • beethousand says:

      Aww, that’s okay Kristina! It’s our responsibility to be vigilant about looking at ingredient lists and asking people before we consume stuff. We’re bummed out about it but we’ll manage. I didn’t know that Amy was a vegetarian! If she wouldn’t mind chatting sometime I’d love to hear any suggestions she has for places to eat around here. We’re getting the hang of it, luckily the learning curve hasn’t been too steep so far.

  2. Emily Keen says:

    Well, motherf&#ker indeed. I just ate some the other day too 😦


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