vegetarian products, grocery store-style

Just a quick update: I’ve gotten into the habit of scoping out vegetarian products in different grocery stores here in town and we found these three today that I’ve never seen before, all at Dillons on Sixth and Wakarusa:

I’ve never really been into LeanCuisine meals (they’re kind of sodium-heavy) but it’s pretty cool that they’re offering this apparently new line of ‘VeggieCuisine’ stuff.  This particular entree has Gardein fake chick’n product in it.  A web search doesn’t reveal much and Lean Cuisine’s website isn’t terribly helpful, but what I can gather is that there are four entrees in their “Spa Collection” which are labeled “VeggieCuisine.”

I didn’t think I had heard of this Lightlife brand of stuff, but it’s another frozen dinner with fake chicken in it, sitting right there above the Boca and Morningstar Farms stuff at Dillons.  Bonus: it’s relevant to my dissertation (see where it says “Giving back 5% since 1979”)? A quick web search tells me that Lightlife is responsible for a lot of the meat-free products that I’m already familiar with (and frankly don’t exactly enjoy), like Smart Dogs and Smart Deli fake meats—this looks like both a rebranding effort and the introduction of a new line of products from this company.  There’s some info in a PDF at their website.  This line of stuff certainly looks better than those awful fake hot dogs, but according to the PDF most of these are off-limits thanks to my fungus allergy.  We didn’t buy any of the above products, but we did decide to try some of these “Backyard Grill’n Burgers,” because they were on sale and were cheaper than the Boca burgers on this trip:

I’m excited to try these but it might be a while, since we still have some different veggie burgers in the freezer that we need to review at some point.  It’s great that these types of products are available out here and for the most part aren’t prohibitively expensive.

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