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Here are the photos, which I’m including because they’re awesome.  Again, I cannot recommend the Against Malaria Foundation highly enough.

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why the amf is so awesome

I was a little bemused when I discovered earlier this year that no longer recommended Village Reach, instead encouraging readers to donate to the Against Malaria Foundation.  I decided to trust GiveWell (their calculations do seem rigorous) and go with AMF.  It turns out they run a pretty awesome organization; they update you an inoffensive number of times (maybe 1-2 emails every few months, and they have NEVER mailed me).  The best part about those updates is that they give you photos of where the malaria nets you helped fund were distributed.  Their interface is extremely user-friendly and provides thorough information:

kids against malaria

One of the things I like about donating to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is that they show you every donation that has been submitted, and allow you to post a personalized message to others.  (My optional message, incidentally, is always, “If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine,” because I am committed to destroying any potential political career by aligning myself with noted communists.)

Anyway, I liked this message in particular:

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donation #2

With Paneragate in my rearview mirror, my early paycheck (thanks to the holiday) has offered me a way to soothe my woozy ego: charitable donation.  I split up my 2% over two bill cycles a month, and during the latter half I get to spend more on charity, thereby amplifying the self esteem boost.  I went, again, with the Against Malaria Foundation:

Huzzah!  Check them out.

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