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superbowl quesadillas and MORE FOOD

And…a recipe.  I made these black bean quesadillas to take over to our friend’s house for the Super Bowl. They’re really easy and fun to make and taste pretty good.  They’re especially great when augmented with some sauce; you can dab a bit of salsa inside before you cook them.  Ryan and I like the fire-roasted Taco Bell sauce in these.  They are pretty spicy, though.

Whole wheat tortillas (how many you need depends on how many quesadillas you’re making)
One can black beans, drained and rinsed
A couple of habanero and serrano chiles, diced and de-seeded (though you can leave the seeds in depending on your preference for heat level.  I usually remove at least half of the seeds and I like stuff really hot).
Shredded cheese of your choice; I like a basic Mexican-blend

These are so easy to assemble.  1) Rinse your black beans and drain them in a colander.  2) Dice your peppers—de-seed them if you don’t want too much heat, leave in some seeds if you want them spicy (serranos are pretty hot).  Be careful when you handle these, too, by the way.  You may want to wear a pair of gloves when you de-seed them and chop them.  3) Layer in your cheese, black beans, peppers, and top with more cheese and salsa/sauce if desired, and then fold your tortilla in half.  How much you stuff in there is totally up to you.  You could also try shoving some onions in there or anything else you think works.  4) Heat a bit of oil in a pan over medium heat, and cook your quesadillas on each side until golden brown and cheese melts.

We’re also fans of the frozen falafel we’ve bought at Trader Joe’s a few times.  Last time I made these I attempted some tzatziki from scratch that turned out alright, and they’re super easy to heat up.

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