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So, obstacle one: the charity to which I have been donating for over a year, Village Reach, has now been graded slightly differently by It still is a “standout organization” and was top-rated for “2009, 2010, and much of 2011,” but now GiveWell says that Village Reach “does not have short-term funding needs.”

What does this mean?  Apparently, GiveWell’s support of Village Reach has led to over 2 million dollars in donations, and thus GiveWell now believes it doesn’t need cash at present.  Instead, GiveWell recommends two other organizations (without going into it right now, GiveWell recommends precious few organizations at all): the Against Malaria Foundation and the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative.

This, to me, brings up lots of issues, but here’s the one that I’m facing at present: I’ve developed an attachment to Village Reach.  I feel some sort of connection to their project beyond just dollars and cents.  Giving to another organization seems somehow unfulfilling; I want my money doing what I thought it was doing already, supporting healthcare infrastructure in rural Africa.  Now I have to choose a new charity?  On day one?  Damn it.

Anyway, I still like