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Here are the photos, which I’m including because they’re awesome.  Again, I cannot recommend the Against Malaria Foundation highly enough.

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kids against malaria

One of the things I like about donating to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is that they show you every donation that has been submitted, and allow you to post a personalized message to others.  (My optional message, incidentally, is always, “If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine,” because I am committed to destroying any potential political career by aligning myself with noted communists.)

Anyway, I liked this message in particular:

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McDonald’s fries aren’t vegetarian?!

Note the “natural beef flavor.”  But… why?


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Q: Can I recycle receipts on thermal paper?

A: Inconclusive (like most recycling questions).  Some places yes, some places no.  I have an email out to the Lawrence Recycling people.

Yet another product for which recyclability seems intuitive (to me at least).

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thank you!

Why can’t this exist for all food?

[This was on a sample tray at the fancy Dillon’s on 6th and Wakarusa.]

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chipotle: a belated review

A belated review of Chipotle–with pictures!

PROS: It was delicious.

Maybe I was just really hungry, but Jesus, the vegetarian bowl at Chipotle is damn good.  My bowl had: white rice, black beans (N.B. the pinto beans have fucking pork in them, I was NOT making that mistake again or at least not making it on my second before-class dinner attempt), all four of their salsas (I especially like the one with corn), cheese, and guacamole ($1.00 extra).  Again, I’m shilling for a corporate chain conglomerate here I realize, but this meal was, as my kids say, fire.  This was the result after a few minutes:

Finally, the meal was prepared extremely quickly, even compared to Panera Bread (who I believe use bacon grease or deer blood to speed up their preparations).

CONS: The price was, again, a bit much, clocking in at about $10.50.  (Why do restaurants charge so much for drinks these days?  Seriously, I would eat just about anything and pay just about any price if the restaurant featured $.50 refillable soda.)  Further, at this particular Chipotle, the music was pretty loud, which makes it difficult for me to get some last minute reading done before class.

The biggest con (for this location) was the lack of free wifi.  I just assumed every place in the world had free wifi these days.  I tried to straight huss some Burger King wifi to no avail.  This aspect, combined with the music, makes hanging out for a while a bit weird…if I can’t read or check the internet, I’m just kind of sitting there and thinking about the food.  Also I am a bit crazy about refillable soda and justifying two dollar drinks by consuming 75 oz. of soda as quickly as possible to stick it to some shady soda magnate character I’ve concocted in my head.  Moving on.

THE VERDICT: 3.5 stars.  I probably won’t make this an every-week destination due to the price (ed. note: I’m cheap), but if I’m interested in a quick meal before going to the UMKC library to hang out before class, this is the place.

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steak and/or shake

Admittedly, the smell of cheeseburgers in Steak ‘n Shake was somewhat difficult to bear.  As was the menu, which has a new feature wherein it actually screams the word STEAKBURGER at you:

That being said, cheese fries and a chocolate shake did not disappoint:

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donation #2

With Paneragate in my rearview mirror, my early paycheck (thanks to the holiday) has offered me a way to soothe my woozy ego: charitable donation.  I split up my 2% over two bill cycles a month, and during the latter half I get to spend more on charity, thereby amplifying the self esteem boost.  I went, again, with the Against Malaria Foundation:

Huzzah!  Check them out.

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panera bread: a review

So my night classes have begun, and now on Mondays and Wednesdays I must eat dinner on the go in Kansas City.  (Well, a snack on the go on Mondays, dinner on Wednesdays.)  This is where the rubber meets the road for my vegetarianism project, which has been even easier than expected thus far.  Tonight–my first Wednesday night of the semester, wherein I get off work at 3pm then have class from 5:30-6:45 and then 7:00-9:45–I dine at Panera Bread.
I’ll admit that my initial reaction is that there are not many options for a full vegetarian meal.  Granted, I’m used to dining at McDonald’s on nights like these, which is now pretty much out of question (not a fan of their salads, which are overpriced and not that healthy, so I don’t even get the self-esteem boost of Feeling Like An Adult Because I’m Eating A Salad For A Meal [note: I am childish in this regard]).  I’m also eating dinner at a meal time usually reserved for octogenarians at Denny’s, a fact which plays into my decision a bit as well; I need to get some sort of snack for later, probably in between classes, since I won’t be getting home until a little before 11:00pm.  This is where Panera Bread comes in.
Pros: fairly full-sized meal of a caesar salad and broccoli cheddar soup, with some potato chips on the side and a large soda.  Also, I love their soup, and the salad is pretty good as well.  I also like the free wifi (hence this update) and the ability to eat by myself and feel isolated (something that I value and, for me anyway, I feel I couldn’t get at say Olive Garden).  Apparently there’s a deal, too, for a bakery item for 99 cents extra if you get the You-Pick-Two Deal, which brings me to the…
Cons: I just spent four thousand dollars on dinner.  Okay, I’m rounding up from $10.69, but still, Christ, I can’t really justify dropping ten bucks a week on THIS dinner.  If it cost 5 bucks, it would feel like an awesome soup and salad, but at ten, it feels like a paltry appetizer.  I am cheap, and my cheapness is inextricable from my appetite.
So that’s that.  I’ll probably be back here, but this can’t be my regular pre-class hangout.  And for that, I won’t say I miss meatatarianism exactly, but I do miss the ease of a McDonald’s and their free wifi (and okay their double quarter pounders).
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our first recycling trip!

Well, of the year.  Check out our sleek IKEA recycling bags!


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